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At Maggie Hair and Nails Salon, we've harmoniously merged two of the most sought-after beauty and wellness treatments to offer you our bespoke Massage and Waxing Service. Understanding that true beauty springs from both relaxation and refinement, we've designed each session to be a holistic experience that caters to both body and spirit.

Our massage treatments, tailored to individual needs, promise to alleviate stress, invigorate the senses, and soothe the body. Guided by the skilled hands of our seasoned therapists, each stroke and pressure point is a step towards achieving a deep-seated tranquility. Coupled with our waxing services, which prioritize precision and comfort, clients can achieve silky-smooth, hair-free skin that not only looks impeccable but also feels exquisitely soft to the touch.


Embarking on a journey with our Massage and Waxing Service means entrusting yourself to a transformative experience. At Maggie Hair and Nails Salon, we use only the finest products, ensuring that every client benefits from optimal results. Our commitment lies in elevating your wellness and beauty, one tailored session at a time. Join us, and let the fusion of relaxation and beauty reshape your self-care routine.


House pick Body Massage 30 mins $40
Body Massage 45 mins $55
Body Massage 60 mins $70
Hot Hot Stone Massage 60 mins $80
RMT Massage $103

(Available Tuesday + Wednesday + Friday)

Upper Lip Threading $6
Eyebrow $10
Chin $6
Sideburns $10
Full Face $30
Full Back $30
Chest $17
Stomach $17
Full Arm $25
Half Arm $16
Underarm $15
Full Leg $50
Upper Leg $25
Lower Leg $25
Bikini Line $20
Brazilian $30
Full Leg + Bikini $50
Fingers or Toes $5

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