Aspa Lady Capsules


Lady Care capsule is a breakthrough herbal formulation to cure leucorrhoea or white discharge. The capsule works as a multi-directional strategy in the vagina to reestablish the health of the organ in all respects. The capsule not only works in the female organ but also balances the hormonal activity. White Discharge Treatment contains all the essential ingredients necessary for the betterment of the vagina. Being a natural combination, the medicine works to heal the body and restore its original capacity.

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  • Natural treatment for Leucorrhoea or white discharge treatment
  • Cures Vaginal dryness and irritation
  • Stimulates the hormones to balance the body’s function
  • Helps to Improve the efficiency and immune power
  • Make the vagina healthy again in a natural manner
  • The great treatment for light yellow and white discharge
  • To help you treat the issue easily in a soothing and safe manner, we have crafted this standout medicine. The capsule is the outcome of years of expertise, experience, deep research and knowledge of natural herbs.


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