Hoishi Cream


A peptide ingredient that locally acts on the mechanism of facial wrinkle formation. Reduces excessive neurotransmitter release, muscle contraction, and prevents wrinkle formation.

HOSHI CORPORATION, a Tokyo-based cosmetic OEM manufacturer, assists you create the one and only brand with the high quality and safety of Japan-made products.
We offer you a complete service including formulations, skin care, hair care, body care and specialty cosmetic.

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A cream that intensively takes care of the wrinkles around the eyes and mouth.
Since our formula has completed the efficacy evaluation test, it’s possible to claim the effect of “making small wrinkles due to dryness less noticeable “on your own product. This rich, dense cream contains highly functional ingredients that work on the epidermis, dermis, and facial muscles, leading to a more youthful and firmer skin.


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